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Full Name: Anna Colton


Jen and Barb,
My son got in trouble for biting another boy in kindergarten. The teacher thinks I don’t discipline him enough at home (!!!). Advice?


Do you discipline him enough at home? What did the other boy do to your son? If this is a one time incident, I would assume that there is a story here and that a good talking to and some sort of consequence could fix it. If it is something that happens often, however, you may want to talk to a professional.



Biting is tough. My daughter India use to bite her sister Soraya when she would get mad. One time she bit her so bad that she started bleeding. Lucky I guess she never did it to kids at school. I tried yelling, taking toys away, go to room by yourself and holding out her arm and allowing her sister the opportunity to bite her back (which never happened). Then one day I explained that you could go to jail for that it is called “assault.” You can’t touch other people. I told her if she was frustrated at someone she needed to yell or go take a break but we are not allowed to touch other people without their saying it is ok. Then one day it just stopped, I think she was around 4. Our parenting expert, Betsy Brown Braun, has great advice on this (check out the episode with her called “Tired of Playing Referee to Your Children?”). The one thing I am sure of is you will not have a 7 year old that bites!


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