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Are We Having Fun Yet? How is your vacation?


We decided to take a week away from sunny LA and head to Mammoth for a little fun in the snow. The kids will love skiing! Nothing like getting them started early (ages 5 and 6). Okay…let’s get everyone out the door…45 minutes later and I’m sweating, my husband and I are fighting, but the kids are layered and ready to go. Ski school! We get there…kids everywhere…my kids lay on the floor crying that they don’t want to go. Do we send them anyway knowing that once they get into it they’ll have fun?! No..we are suckers and take our teary kids out to the slopes ourselves. An hour later, no one is having fun. They’re cold, I’m sweating even more and the closest I’ve come to skiing is holding a terrified 5 year old down what would be considered a slight angle of a basically flat surface. My hair is flat and full of static, my lips and face are chapped and I’m sure I’ve already gained 10 pounds from eating all the chocolate I brought for the vacation. Good times. How is your vacation? Jen

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