Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Are You A Parent To Your Parents?

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Are You A Parent To Your Parents?

Jen and Barb explore the “sandwich generation.” Your children are young, your parents are old and you need to take care of everyone. At what point does the responsibility and guilt end?

One Response to “Are You A Parent To Your Parents?”

  1. I’m just beginning this adventure of parenting my mother. She’s still relatively young, 62, but her seizures have become just a bit too scary for her to live alone anymore. I am a little concerned about her parenting me and my husband….I’m afraid we might like it! She’s a great mom, loves to cook and take care of the home (I work full time – another segment on your site I know)…we’re already struggling with how we are going to approach this aspect, and she hasn’t even moved in yet! But soon, very soon. Fortunately, 3 of our 4 kids are grown and moved on and the one that is still with us is 16 and fairly independent. But while we have been looking forward to the transition from parenthood to grandparenthood, we now find ourselves taking on another responsibility (even if it is one we don’t mind). I’ll be watching this thread for more info…..!

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