Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Are You Raising An Adventurous Kid?

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Are You Raising An Adventurous Kid?

What happened to the days when kids played outside from sun-up to sun-down?  Jen and Barb talk to Michelle Ferrara-Peterson, Astro Camp director and mom, about the need to get your kids out and about as they discuss “Are You Raising an Adventurous Kid?”

One Response to “Are You Raising An Adventurous Kid?”

  1. alex markle says:

    Such an important and relevant piece for me personally..just took a leap of faith (literally) and faced my fears by taking my daughters zip lining in Catalina this summer!!! great for them…great for me..a huge right of passage for all! thanks for the support!.. ..because i thought that maybe i was crazy to let them zip..thanks jen and barb…

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