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Are you ready for Back To School?


I always love the first few months of summer. Vacations, no school
schedules, just pure bonding time with my kids. BUT by the last month I
am broke, exhausted and definitely ready for my kids to go back to
school. What I am not ready for, is my girls being around all those
other kids and getting sick. So as I prepare for Back To School the
first thing I am trying to do is to get them back on their sleep
schedule, which includes 10 hours a sleep a night. Next vitamins and
probiotics to make sure that their immune system is ready to go when
they hit the first day of school and all those other kids (am I
sounding like a germ-a-phobe?) I am really not, it is just when my
kids are sick it throws my entire schedule off and I am all ready
skating on thin ice over here. Next grocery shopping for healthy food
to prepare lunch. Any suggestions here would be great, some how I
always come up short on the lunch? What have you done to prepare for
Back To School?


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