Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Are you shopping for a better world?

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Are you shopping for a better world?

We all want to take care of our planet, but as moms we are really busy! We have the best intentions, but sometimes fall short. Jen and Barb talk to Simon Mainwaring, author of “We First” about ways that our shopping habits can change the world for the better.

8 Responses to “Are you shopping for a better world?”

  1. Roy Soje says:

    I luv women of virtue.

  2. Jane Shepherd says:

    I try to shop to leave less of a footprint on my world.

  3. Mark The Spark says:

    My wife isn’t shopping for a better world…she’s shopping to put me in the poor house.

  4. […] a cool mom to taking your spouse’s last name. In a recent episode, Jen and Barb discussed “Are You Shopping for a Better World?” With the help of Simon Mainwaring they discuss tactics to make more informed decisions about where […]

  5. […] you shopping for a better world? This is the question discussed on this week’s episode on Jen and Barb, Mom Life. They sit down with Simon Mainwaring, author of We First who shares ways you as an individual can […]

  6. My favorite nonprofit is Dress a Girl Around the World. Through the efforts of volunteers in 42 US State, Canada, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong they’ve produced over 50,000 dresses distributing them to 54 countries since October 2009.

    My sixteen year old daughter, Olivia (Wisconsin State Youth Rep for Dress a Girl), and I had the opportunity to deliver 140 dresses to two orphanages and a school in Belize earlier this year. The smiles on those little girls faces is etched our my hearts.

    Please check them out and visit the various Chapter’s Facebook Pages and consider doing a segment on their mission and how people can contact their local reps and contribute.

    Therese M. Schmidt, Wisconsin State Rep
    Dress a Girl Around the World

    • Barb says:

      Therese, I love this! I was talking to another mom who wanted to do this idea and go around to High School girls to raise self esteem. I am so happy to know there is an organization that does this. Will check it out for sure!

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