Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Are You Your Own Worst Critic?

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Are You Your Own Worst Critic?

Jen and Barb talk with Pia Guerrero, co-founder of, about how women critique themselves too harshly. Why do we do it? What message are we sending to our kids?

2 Responses to “Are You Your Own Worst Critic?”

  1. Tanya Keefe says:

    I tell you what – you girls deserve a medal and a big virtual high five for your work!
    Lol, I could never go on tv (or internet) without a huge makeover or something! I don’t wear makeup most of the time at home, (hubby hates it) but the thought of people seeing me on a show looking like, well – me, and not a celebrity or something is chilling.

    But you ladies pull it off SO beautifully and so authentically. You’re both SO gorgeous anyway, but seeing you “brave it” on camera without makeup was wonderfully liberating.

    (I confess I too love the magazines where big stars are “caught” without their makeup and hair professionally done and look *gasp* like normal people… it gives me high hopes for one day when I can afford such a luxury! *chuckle*)

    Thanks for allowing yourselves to be open, real, and relatable. Great job to you both!

  2. alex markle says:

    great episode…very important for all our daughters.

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