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Are Your Kids Eating a Balanced Diet

Jennifer Medeiros

Guest Blogger: Jennifer Medeiros of Makobi Scribe

It’s getting harder and harder (especially in America) to eathealthy. With fast food restaurants at almost every corner and isle after isle of ready-to-eat and convenient food at the supermarket,
many kids are growing up on too much junk food, often just because it’s convenient. Plus, with technology at every turn, kids aren’t as active as they should be, either. This dangerous
combination is leading to childhood obesity. As parents, we need to start taking the initiative to make sure our children are eating healthy now, so that it becomes a lifestyle habit that will hopefully
stick with them into adulthood.

I know how difficult it is to get a child to eat healthy when there are so many junk food options that are quick and easy for them to grab. I have a somewhat picky eater, and if you were to let him choose what he wanted to eat, he’d be eating McDonald’s or canned spaghetti every meal. Or better yet, if it were really up to him, he’d skip the meal altogether and head straight for dessert. That’s why I make it a point to not keep much junk food in the house. If it’s not there, he can’t eat it, right? I mean, I always have some fun treats in the house, but they’re limited and my son knows that he HAS to ask before he eats those things.

I think the most important part of getting kids to eat heathy is convenience. If my son looks in the fridge and sees a bag of un- washed grapes, un-washed celery, and un-washed strawberries, and then sees a bag of potato chips sitting on the counter, he’s going to take the chips every time because they’re easier. Now, if I make sure that I wash all fruits and vegetables right away when we bring them home from the store and cut them up in snack size pieces (if possible), these healthier options suddenly become as easy for the child as the potato chips.

Another way to get our kids to eat healthier is to “sneak” nutritious foods into their meals. Whether it’s finely diced vegetables in a soup or sauce, or mushrooms or beans hidden in a casserole, if we
start putting healthy ingredients in the foods our kids always eat, then they’ll get used to eating them and it can hopefully become a good habit for them and their future.

I really do believe that if we give our kids the benefit of starting them on good, nutritious, and healthy foods early, then we’re setting them up to be even more successful than we’ve been. The
main goals that parents should have when feeding their kids is to start good nutrition young, introduce healthy foods in a fun way, allow junk foods or less nutritious foods as a treat only, and just don’t keep that kind of tempting food in the house. If we can all commit to those easy goals, our kids will be healthier in no time!

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