Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Can Computer Games Help Your Child Learn?

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Can Computer Games Help Your Child Learn?

Do your kids want to play video games all day, but you think it’s a big waste of time? Think again! Jen and Barb talk to Director of the MIT Teacher Education Program, Eric Klopfer, about how to use technology to benefit our children.

5 Responses to “Can Computer Games Help Your Child Learn?”

  1. SJ says:

    Great topic…this is an ongoing point of contention in our household. Loved the “trajectory” rationalization behind Angry Birds. Helps support my theory of passive vs interactive entertainment. Thanks for giving me some great ammo.

  2. […] be sure to check out the video they did last week. It’s about “Can Computer Games Help Your Child Learn?” I loved the video and really this is an important topic for this day and […]

  3. […] week the video is Can Computer Games Help Your Child Learn? was very interesting to watch because this is a topic that I struggle with. Even Jen and Barb […]

  4. marie says:

    hey moms and great convo!
    I’m a teacher and I couldn’t agree more!! If using technology, video, computers, etc gets them excited and willing to participate in the fun; then bring it on!!

  5. Jessica says:

    I prefer when play time meant kids running around outside, but Jen is right, technology isn’t going away and actually does have educational benefits. If you can’t get your kid away from the computer at least there are ways they can be learning at the same time!

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