Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Can We Have It All?

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Can We Have It All?

Having it all. Is that possible? Jen and Barb talk to Kimberley Clayton Blaine, author of “Mommy Confidence” about redefining the meaning of “all.” Your “all” may be different from someone else’s and that is okay!

2 Responses to “Can We Have It All?”

  1. Michelle Bond says:

    I hear you Emma, having at all is a great end to look forward to, but no one ever said the means would be easy. I myself have been juggling grad, work, and a newborn. I love my life, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t stress free. Here’s to our happy endings!

  2. Emma says:

    Wow…where do I start? My ALL would be a flexible job or being my own boss, time to spend with my son and financial stability. I don’t have to win the lotto, but to be to work and not spend most of our paycheck on bills is what I want. Right now I work 8-9 (and sometimes 10+) hours at work, I would love a job where I could work and not worry about asking for holidays off or one day a month to spend with my son. So what I decided to do in order to reach that goal is enroll in school AGAIN. I finished undergrad, but decided to work towards my graduate degree in education when I was two months pregnant. Now, that our bundle of joy is here I made the decision to sacrifice school for a couple of months. But, now I feel stuck at the job I’m at. Now, I feel like I won’t ever reach my “all”. I know finishing school will open more jobs in education, allow to have summer and holidays off and hopefully and increase in pay. But how do I juggle school, four month old baby, husband and full-time work?

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