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Jennifer Pate

Jennifer Pate

Jen's story:

I grew up in Highland Park, IL (a suburb of Chicago), moved to the city (Chicago that is!) and had a career as a Dancer (musical theater, commercial work…no, not pole) while simultaneously attending college at the University of Illinois at Chicago (3 years; still regret not finishing).  I moved to LA to become a Casting Director for TV and Film (partner at Colloff, Fishman (my maiden name) and Britt Casting).  Once I had my first child I became a stay at home Mom (which I did for over 5 years).  Today I am busy juggling motherhood and marriage while producing and hosting Mom Life.

I have been married to Jonas for 13 years (big milestone!). Jonas is a writer and director for TV and film (we are on the road a lot). We have two children; Cooper, 10 and Lilah, 9.  I can’t believe how different two children can be who are only one year apart!  We live in Los Angeles (which is of much debate as my husband is certain that this is not the place to raise kids).  We are an Interfaith and Intercultural couple.  My husband is from the South and I’m from the North; this is as much of a difference as our Jewish and Christian faiths.  I have three siblings (one sister, two brothers) and have an incredible bond with all of them; this may partially be the result of the “war of the roses” divorce my parents had over 25 years ago (it never goes away… I mean never).

As a woman I navigate my way through life while working to maintain happiness, good health and hope.  I say this because many of us tend to define ourselves based on our job, age, marital status, how many kids we have, etc.  Through Mom Life, I hope other women feel as though we have a support system and know we are not alone in life’s journey.  I also hope they find helpful advice and get in a good laugh.

In my free time I love doing yoga, traveling, reading and talking!  I would be lost without all my girlfriends; they are my support system through the good, bad and ugly!

Remember, we’re all in this together!


Barbara Machen

Barbara Machen

Barb's story:

My name is Barbara Machen I am 46years old and have been married for 14 years. I have twin daughters India and Soraya who are 11 years old.  I grew up in a blue collar track home suburb called Daly City (population 100,000) which is right outside of San Francisco.  I was raised by a single mother on government assistance. My parents got separated when I was 5 due to my fathers substance abuse addiction.
I was one of a dozen kids out of  a graduating class of 500 who received a full scholarship to a major University.  I have owned my own Marketing Company since the age of 25.

I truly am the American Dream and proof that a positive attitude can help you reach any goal you desire.  But when my twins were born that attitude changed into a scared, unsure woman who felt like she was a failure.  Through the support and love of my family and friends my confidence came back and that confidence turned into compassion for all those woman out there that don’t have the support of their family and friends and who are venturing into motherhood alone.  That is when the concept of Mom Life was born.  I became passionate that no woman venturing into motherhood should have to "go it alone." There should be a community that offers support without  judgment, insight into this new world and a lot of laughter...


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