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Do You Communicate Well With Your Partner?

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, family therapist and author of “Make Up Don’t Break Up” shares with us the tools to get our husbands to do exactly what we want and communicate more effectively to get the most out of your relationship.

3 Responses to “Do You Communicate Well With Your Partner?”

  1. Barb says:

    My husband use to do that too Janie (and still does sometimes or he just tunes out and that is the same thing.) I try to admit I am wrong or say I am sorry first and tell him that what can I do to make our marriage better. Put it on me first so then he opens up. Dr. Bonnie said we have about 30 seconds and then they are tuned out, that is not a lot of time to get a marriage full of frustration out.


    PS I also try to stay focused on the positive things about my husband even when I am pulling my hair out!!!

  2. Janie says:

    We don’t communicate well I read all the experts books but he won’t budge on anything and he is always right and will not say he is sorry. What do I do?

  3. Erika says:

    Fascinating! I seriously have to buy this woman’s book. Now, I must go satisfy my sudden craving for a roast beef sandwich.

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