Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Do You Dread Bedtime?

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Do You Dread Bedtime?

Jen and Barb talk their guest about the challenges of their evening; homework, dinner, bath time, brushing teeth, laying out clothes and backpacks, reading books, getting them to sleep.

3 Responses to “Do You Dread Bedtime?”

  1. Mindy says:

    Is there anyway to purchase the song that plays at the beginning?

  2. Tanya Keefe says:

    Bedtime….I look forward eagerly to it all day, and then when it comes I grimace all the way through to the point where it actually takes me 5-10 minutes to right myself afterward and drop the feeling of irritation that has settled around me like an uncomfortable and itchy wool sweater.

    They get their pajamas on just fine (well, most of them…well, usually..) but it’s like somehow announcing “bedtime” gives them a new burst of life, and they just have to get some last little bit of “horsing around time” to make their day complete. The jostling, elbowing, and generally goofing off while they are *supposed* to be brushing their teeth – which one or more are often trying to sneak out of – is maddening. We have 4 in one room and two in another, so there is always *someone* talking – at least in the boys’ room. Or, to avoid getting in trouble for “talking” the offending boy will just make goofy faces, etc trying to get the other ones to laugh – hum loudly, or kick the wall or bed just hard enough to avoid being TOO loud, but still make it hard for everyone else to sleep. The girls bedtime noise making usually consists of singing their dolls to sleep or arguing over who is sleeping with whose stuffed animal or toy.

    Our friends are always impressed by “how well” our kids go to bed, but I, being on the “inside” of the situation, feel like I’m going to have a coronary before it’s through!
    Maybe I need to practice some DBDB – Deep Breathing During Bedtime :) to help me weather the nightly “storm” with grace..
    Of course, maybe I just need to come to grips with the internal over-eagerness to have time to myself or with other adults that seems to up the “stakes” of bedtime. As much as I love my children, it’s like dangling meat in front of a starving carnivore! Lol

  3. Tiffany T says:

    HA! I love what the guest says about there being a study for everything. Isn’t that the truth?! Our issue is that our children share the same room, and getting them to not play in order to sleep is our real issue. I would be curious to see what experts say are the advantages/disadvantages to having siblings sleep in the same room – and for how long. Really, any excuse to separate them would be more than welcome if it got them to go to sleep earlier!!

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