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Do You Dress Up With Your Kids on Halloween


image002Halloween is a big deal in our house. My kids’ school dedicates an entire day to Halloween, ending in a huge parade with all the kids. The entire school is decorated, so that lets me off the hook at home! Even the teachers dress up (last year the principal dressed up like one of the Jonas Brothers and sang at the assembly – it was hilarious!) So my girls have their costumes picked out about 6 months ahead of time.

Last year, we met Jen and her family at a Halloween Party and all the parents were dressed in costume, EXCEPT ME. Not only were my daughters bugging me the entire night about why I didn’t dress up, but every parent there was staring at me as if I was the worst mom ever for not coming in costume! So this year I promised my daughters I would dress up (we are going to the same party again) and I told my one daughter I was going to wear one of those French Maid costumes (easy and cheap). I guess a little too cheap because my eight-year-old daughter told me that it was “totally inappropriate.” I am wondering how many of you dress up with your kids and what “appropriate” costumes do you wear?

Also, here’s a great Halloween tip: The day after Halloween my kids make a candy store with price tags and all, and my husband and I buy most of the candy back from them. It is great for their math and it takes them a good two hours to set it up. Super Fun!!

Happy Halloween,

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