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Do You Dress Up With Your Kids on Halloween


image001As far as holidays go, Halloween seems to be picking up speed. When I was little, we got a costume, bought some candy, went trick-or-treating, and that was it. Now, it’s a time for families to throw big parties, decorate the house like it’s Christmas, and have various events leading up to the big day. Here are a few of my tips to keep costs down: Buy candy in bulk – the big bags at Costco are a great deal! I also turn all the lights off inside and outside the house once I deem that it is either too late for trick-or-treaters to come by or the candy runs out. There is always a wayward trick-or-treater who thinks it’s okay to still ring the doorbell, but if you hide in your room, they probably won’t know you’re home!

As far as costumes go, I am actually glad that my kids get a chance to wear them a few times and not just on the holiday — more bang for your buck! Personally, I am not big on the decorations for Halloween. My kids aren’t thrilled with me, but I tell them, that is what Christmas is for! Luckily, on my block there aren’t too many houses that go all out. However, if you feel compelled to decorate, make sure you store your decorations and use them for years to come.

It is a crazy, sugar-filled holiday, but the good news is that I use it as an excuse to eat as many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as possible!


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