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Do You Love Food?


Finally, we are able to celebrate food! Not look at it with the horror
of what our body is going to look like once we’ve eaten it, but
celebrate it! Good food is synonymous with good times and good
memories. Susan and Mary Sue are an inspiration; their commitment to
their love of food and their commitment to their business partnership
are one to be admired. When was the last time you had a meal and didn’t
think about calories and just truly enjoyed it? A long time? Too long?
Go ahead, you don’t have to stuff yourself, just enjoy!

One Response to “Do You Love Food?”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Not true. You are by far the master chef of Top Ramen. I have yet to experience it prepared to such perfection.
    I’ve been super swamped lately, yet I’m always wishing you and Jen continued success and stardom! You are naturals!
    Love, Mun Mun

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