Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Do you save your ALL your kids artwork?

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Do you save your ALL your kids artwork?


I just came from my daughters school conference and as we were finishing up the teacher handed me a bunch of art work (remember I have twins so I am talking a lot!) My husband says to the teacher “Don’t bother Barb throws it all out.” The teacher giggled, because I think she thought he was joking. Here is what I do… I take pictures of all their art work ever since they started school and put it in Kodak picture books. They can keep a few choice pieces but seriously I would need to rent a storage unit to house all the art they come home with. Feeling a little bad, I then asked some other parents if they save all their kids art work? According to the look on their faces when I told them what I do, THEY DO save it. barb

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