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Do your kids fight?


We have many experts on the show telling Jen and I “how to” be healthier women, have better marriages and parent better. In my quest to be the best that I can be (like that is ever going to happen) I take all of the expert advice, of which my husband is so sick of hearing about, and constantly apply it to my family and everyday life. Usually the advice requires a lot on my part but there is one piece of advice that required me to do “nothing” and much to my surprise it worked like a charm. Betsy Brown Braun is a parenting expert who you will see throughout the season (she has amazing advice and parents pay big bucks to hear it) she told me when my girls are fighting to “just do nothing,” “butt out,” “stay out of it,” “let them figure it out on their own.” The other day the girls were fighting and I took her advice and said “you guys figure it out on our own” and just like that it worked…they did!! All that time and energy, the frustration, the negotiating, the ruining of my day solved by “doing nothing.” I encourage you to get her book “Just Tell Me What To Say” and learn how doing nothing may be doing a lot.

2 Responses to “Do your kids fight?”

  1. Betsy is the best! I love her book and her advice.


  2. Tanya Keefe says:

    With 6 kids someone’s *always* fighting with someone : )

    If I moderated every altercation I’d go insane… well…. insane-er! “Do Nothing” is great advice! You only hone your people skills by using them!

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