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While I enjoyed the movie, more than the book to be quite honest, I kept coming back to one question. What do people do in the real world when they feel lost? Most of us, either due to work, obligations, family, etc., just can’t go gallivanting around the world for a year to “find ourselves”. While the theme in the movie is universal; what do you do when you feel like you’re not living “your” truth, it doesn’t help the average ‘civilian’ with a practical application. It is a challenge to stay authentic to you without being selfish or unrealistic. In my 44 years, however, I have learned some things and as a woman and now a Mother. I now have an additional obligation to set an example for my children. 1) Find out what you are passionate about and pursue it in some part of your life. It doesn’t mean that you should quit your job and decide that because you love to painting, you are now going to be the next Picasso or Hockney, but carve out the time to paint (hike, read, dance, whatever it is for YOU). 2) Be a good person. Are you kind to the people in your life? I don’t mean strangers (for some reason we are so much nicer to strangers than the people we actually share a house or blood with); I mean your loved ones? It is amazing how great you feel when you actually show love to your loved ones. 3) Are your expectations realistic? Do you beat yourself up because you try to do it all, but come up short? What is “all” anyway? 4) Find out what your “all” is. Write it down. Write down what you really want and need. Let go of what society or peer pressure tells you. Stay truthful and honor your needs. 5) Forgive yourself. No one is perfect. Part of the human condition is anger, fear, pain, etc. Even “happy” people experience the gamut of emotions. 6) Pay attention to the world. You’d be surprised if you have a real awareness of what life is like around the world, how grateful you may become with all that you actually have. 7) Know that you are not alone. We are all searching…..

2 Responses to “Eat/Pray/Love:”

  1. Betsy says:

    Love this post. Having somehow found a way to live the dream, we are spending a few years in France, with kids, I agree it’s not realistic for everyone to just pack their things and get out of Dodge. It’s important to find ways to cut through the clutter of life and find what really matters without pulling the plug on everything. And I’ll need those tools for when I get back to my real life. Thanks.

  2. alex markle says:

    What a wonderful post…very true and so inspiring..thank you…

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