Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Has Your Family’s Stuff Taken Over Your House?

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Has Your Family’s Stuff Taken Over Your House?

Jen and Barb talk to sisters, Abra Handler and Elissa Barnes, owners of Room by Room about ways to clean out and get organized.

2 Responses to “Has Your Family’s Stuff Taken Over Your House?”

  1. Leigh McKinley says:

    LOL!!! The end with you smelling the bear for cat pee is hilarious! I have been there unfortunately. I have found that about 98% of the time when I clean my son’s old stuff out he doesn’t miss a thing! There has been 2 times where he said “mommy where is my ____? ” I simply tell him that it was given to a little boy who needed it who didn’t have any toys. The disappointment doesn’t last long and we have a super sweep of the toys before christmas and birthdays now to make room for all of the new stuff he gets….he enjoys those clean-outs. Recently I have started with “If you get a new toy you have to give an old toy away” It is going very well! He gets to pick out the toy and he puts it in the shelter donation box.

  2. alex byrne markle says:

    i love this! i want your doll house on that top shelf behind the stuff! (just kidding…but sorta not…) i think i get more sentimental about the old toys than my daughters do! very inspiring…must get in gear with the organization..thank you guys!

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