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Hate cleaning your kids room?


I hate laundry and cleaning my kids room!! My twin daughters are 8, so imagine what that room looks like?? I have given up on their room so I only clean that once every couple weeks and I try to make them do it with me. The rest of the house I try to devote 2 hours a day to cleaning up. I put each chore on a post-it and then stick them all on the inside of my cleaning cabinet. Each day I try to do one chore, say clean the bathrooms then I throw that post-it away. By the end of the week they “should” be all gone. At least that way I feel like I have accomplished something. I also try to contain my kids mess to their room and one other room in the house that way there is some place in the house that is nice and clean and I can sit and read a magazine without looking around and thinking of all the stuff I need to do.

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