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Have a Plan for this Super Bowl Sunday?


When it comes to the Super Bowl, my first tip is see if you can get invited to someone else’s house! But, if you must host, order a variety of pizzas (for both kids and adults) or take-out fried chicken and compliment them with homemade salads that you can prepare the night before. I make a buffet and put the chicken on a nice platter so it looks like I cooked it! If you are going with pizzas instead of chicken, you can put them on wood cutting boards. I like to play “restaurant” with the kids, which means they get a small note pad and a pen (you can also give them an apron if you have a spare). They get to be in charge of taking drink orders, helping with food and picking up used dishes. I also like to bake cupcakes the night before and let the kids decorate them as an activity, maybe with fun Super Bowl colors. For complete sanity, designate a room just for the kids, and if you have a gaming system, even better! The room might be a disaster by the end of the night, but at least the mess will be isolated to one room. Remember, Super Bowl Sunday has been a family tradition in America and should be fun!

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