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Have You Lost Your Sense of Adventure?

Sky diving, running a marathon, dancing lessons. When was the last time you had a real adventure? As Moms our adventures usually come in the form of taking the kids to do something fun for them. What would you do if you could abandon your responsibilities and take some fun time for yourself? Jen and Barb talk to Heather Schuck, founder of and mom, about the importance of keeping adventure in your life, even as a mom.

18 Responses to “Have You Lost Your Sense of Adventure?”

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  2. Natalie says:

    Where is the dodge test track or contact information? Thanks

  3. […] I watched Jen and Barb in their newest video episode “Have You Lost Your Sense of Adventure?” I applauded to these amazing women full of energy and I just couldn’t stop smiling watching […]

  4. Eden says:

    Was starting to feel uneasy about a trip my husband and I have planned — will take us away from our kids for almost three weeks, and I’m not sure how that’s going to go over for any of us…
    Seeing this episode, I’m thinking maybe the message we’re sending them isn’t just “see ya!”, but “mommy and daddy are still a couple who love to explore the world and experience new things together”.
    It’s not bungee jumping, but maybe it’s taking a leap of a different kind!

    • Barb says:

      Every expert that comes on our show tells us you have to be a role model and show your kids that there is joy in adult life (or they won’t want to grow up.) Dying to know how your trip turned out.

  5. Kim Kircher says:

    Adventure has saved me. I’m glad I found your website. I love the idea of being a good “role model”. Why not try surfing or ziplining or skiing or skydiving (all things I love)? When we get out of our comfort zone, it helps us get through the real challenges when they come along. My next big adventure? I want to try speedflying (skydiving meets skiing).

  6. Beth says:

    Jen and Barb = 2011’s Thelma and Louise for sure! I love watching them let loose!

  7. Maryanne says:

    I don’t think i have ever seen two HOTTER moms in helmets! Way to go, girls!!!!!

  8. I’m watching this video with a huge smile on my face :) You gals sure know how to live life to the fullest!

  9. Heidi says:

    Love this! I totally feel like since being a mom, I haven’t been very adventurous at all! I remember back in college, I used to go repelling off bridges through the ROTC program. It was SO fun and scary at the same time. Definately something I need to do again!

  10. MarkTheSpark says:

    Gotta pass this along to the wifey, it’ll be a game changer for her!

  11. Kathleen Neil says:

    I am so glad to see your next season is here!!! I absolutely love it…this is my life. I drove one of those cars at a NASCAR Petty thing. Top Speed 150. One little day of adventure.

  12. Jane says:

    Loved the episode Jen and Barb! Rock those helmets, girls !
    Do you live within driving distance of a river? I took my family on a rafting trip the other weekend and it was great! Sun, exercise, excitement, a picnic lunch! Everyone had a blast and it was pretty cheap!
    Hope that helps.

  13. Nicki says:

    Jen and Barb!
    I always think about the adventurous times I shared with my husband before we started raising our children. (Which is definitely an adventure as well!) So refreshing to see you ladies hit the track with a mom friend! Any other suggestions for adventure on a lower budget? Those joy rides did look fun though!

    Love the show!

    • Barb says:

      Bowling with some girls. We drank some beers and got super competitive so fun. My husband and I also shot pool against another couple the other night it was hilarious we were all like high school kids again!

  14. Vanessa James says:

    Hi Jen-
    I met you at Head To Toe Day Spa in Wilmington. I did your waxing! I love the site and I am really enjoying the episodes. I really liked the “Have you lost your sense of adventure” and I think it may inspire me and my “wildcard” husband to do something really fun and out of the ordinary. He really is adventurous! I will let you know! Thanks for the card..Vanessa James

  15. Justine says:

    This makes me want to go on a race track!

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