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How do I teach my 1 year old to behave?


Name: Ruba
Question: Dear Jen and Barb my name is ruba and it’s the first time to be mother to my daughter called Anoud i want to help her how to learn how to be fine in her behaviour. She is 1 year old.

Hi Ruba,
I agree with what Jen said and would just add that a child being “well behaved” has to be age appropriate. Your daughter may be very well behaved for a one year old, but since she is your first and only child you have nothing to compare her behavior to. Your expectations might be too high (I know mine were for my twins daughters.) A lot of times they just don’t have the skills or their brain has not developed in the capacity necessary to carry out some of that “good behavior.” One of my favorite experts on this is Betsy Brown Braun
Also, Tina Bryson, PHD, wrote about how the brain works and tantrums

I have no doubt your daughter is going to be very well behaved because you are so aware of it. You’re a good mommy Ruba!


Hi Ruba,
I applaud you for wanting your child to be well behaved, but be aware that a one year old is only one year old! I did some research for you and found a great link with Dr. Sears (the baby expert!) about ways to encourage a toddler to have good behavior. I hope this helps, but just remember all the advice in the world can’t change the moods of a one year old some days! Been there!
Here is the link:


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