Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : How do you handle Bully’s with your kids?

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How do you handle Bully’s with your kids?


There is a bully boy in my daughters class and the other day he tripped
her on purpose and she fell. I have all kinds of emotions bubbling
right now. My first instinct is to go up to the kid and tell him “trip
my daughter again and see what happens to you.” But, I am the parent.
The other is to tell her to shove him back and defend herself. But
that is against everything I have taught her. Do I go to her teacher?
Talk to the principal? Call his parents? (who are by the way really
nice people and have two other kids at the school who are angels.)
This kid has been a menace from the day kindergarten started (my girls
are in third grade now.) If he is tripping kids on purpose, he is also
probably putting cats in the dryer. He needs to be stopped! What would
you do? barb

3 Responses to “How do you handle Bully’s with your kids?”

  1. Barb Machen says:

    I so appreciate you sharing your experience with me. My daughter is a very nice and compassionate girl but sometimes people take kindness for weakness. She told me she took care of it. When I asked her how? She said she walked by him and stepped on his foot as hard as possible and asked him how that felt? She hasn’t had a problem since.

  2. Vienna says:

    Had this experience with my oldest daughter when she was in middle school. A boy in her class gave her a black eye because she would not allow him to ride the teeter totter out of turn. I was livid to say the least! My first reaction was to say something to his mom and him. I decided to meet with the principal,
    the boy, my daughter, and his mother. It worked out fine. In fact, the boy thought that was the way to get a turn on the teeter totter. Yes! Just punch my daughter in the
    face to get her off. Come to find out that he was being bullied at home by his two older brothers. This is a hard call, but I believe you need to teach your children not to be victims. The definition of a bully is : one who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people. You asked what I would do? Meet with the principal and the
    parent of the bully, if possible teach your daughter to avoid bullies (students know who the bullies are) Yes! My advise is to
    meet with the parent and the principal. Remember, if parents allow this child to continue to bully their children, pretty soon
    the children will not tell their parents about
    the bullying and they will not want to go to school, they may start getting stomach problems, headaches and other symptoms that will prevent them from attending school. STOP IT NOW! Meet with principal and parent of bully. Imagine
    if every time you left work you were afraid of someone waiting in the parking lot to
    bully you, you would have lots of anxiety.
    Your daughter and other students will start
    having anxiety also. I doubt if he is putting
    cats in the dryer, but he is negatively effecting children and their families lives.
    STOP THE BULLY NOW! Hope I helped you!

  3. Jen says:

    So interesting that you posted this today. I happen to hear these women on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show about bullys and also there was this article about celebrities getting in the “bullying” conversation. I hope either of these help you and all of us.

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