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How do you keep your kids entertained?

Jen and Barb speak with Linda Meadow, founder of, about ways to keep your kids entertained during the weekends, holidays and summer vacation so you don’t lose your mind.

5 Responses to “How do you keep your kids entertained?”

  1. Amber says:

    One thing that my daughter and step daughter like to do is help me clean. It sounds weird but they like to dust clean sinks and windows and they like to sweep and vacuum.(they have a mini vacuum) they also love to cook and bake and do crafts or take walks with the dogs. Or if its a rainy or snowy day fill up the tub a little bit and let them pretend that their barbies are going to the pool.

  2. barb says:

    My daughter India has just recently decided that she likes to play “Spa” and I get to be the customer. You are so right Tanya about the notepad. India got out her notepad and first took my order (I ordered a fruit plate.) Within minutes she had prepared the most beautiful fruit plate. Then came my foot massage, hand massage, shoulder massage (I almost was feeling guilty because it was really good!!!) She was having so much fun. If this is how seven year olds play than this is my favorite age for sure!!!

  3. alex markle says:

    great ideas…what is the food pyramid thing you did at the market?? i didn’t catch that? that too sounds like an intriguing project! “amount-ment!”!!!! HA!

  4. Tanya Keefe says:

    I forgot one of our outdoor “greats” for warm weather…

    I take an old sheet out to the lawn, and take bowls and plates full of lunch items outside, and let the kids have a picnic. They never get enough.

    Older kids like to play ‘resturant’ at lunch or snack time too – preparing “dishes” from a certain set of options (pb&j, hotdogs? orange juice or apple? carrots or crackers? etc) give em a notepad and a waiter/ress apron, and you’re ready to attend the areas newest dining establishment: your dining room!

  5. Tanya Keefe says:

    Some ideas to keep the kids busy when they’re driving you crazy…

    IF THE WEATHER IS NICE (sorry about the caps…no formatting options here :) )

    1) Crazy relay races… challenge the kids to race as a …llama…or a car…or to run in a wavy line to the end of the yard and back. You can make sound effects mandatory for extra “fun” (and tiredness) for them

    2)Have a “sidewalk art” contest – all the kids participate, and then vote for their favorite…alternately have them play hopscotch or hangman on the pavement.

    3) Send the kids outside with jars or little bug cages, and see what types of things they can find, or who can catch the most crickets, caterpillars, etc.


    1) Have a snowman building contest or get everyone working on making a certain kind of snowpeople scene in the yard

    2)Fort building….I hate the mess this makes in the house, but it keeps the kids busy FOREVER…well, in this case at least until their little hands get cold from piling up the snow


    1) Fort Building – see above
    2) Give everyone a few sheets of 8×11 paper folded in half and stapled. Encourage them to make their own book to be read afterwards. If your child can’t write, that’s ok – even little kids can draw pictures. Offer to write the words in as they narrate the story to you after they’ve finished drawing. By the way, as they show you their book, encourage them to fill in drawing details (this will keep them busy a little longer, and make the books more fun to look at and read later)
    3)Scavenger hunt: Indoor or outdoor…make a list of say 3 round objects, a picture of aunt fanny, a blue and green toy, etc and encourage the kids to look around (and write down where or what they’ve found if they’re older)
    4) When your kid yells “Mommy! It’s a spider!!!!!” offer to look it up online and find out what kind it is, what it eats, etc… Encourage them to take an interest in science (and in finding out if there’s REALLY anything to be so afraid of!)
    5)Kid work out: Have your kids do jumping jacks, somersaults, push ups (my kids seem to love trying to do those for some reason) or other age-appropriate fitness moves in tandem. This one is good to jump in on as an adult too for a little extra added workout time :)


    1) My kids LOVE math games (don’t ask me why) but a favorite is for someone to call out a math problem and everyone else tries to solve it correctly first.. The kids love to ask us like 3756 +784, and so on, BUT it’s really done wonders for their math grades, and encourages the kids to think math is fun (the relish the chance to slip us up I think) :)

    2) Sing along (if your kids know the hand motions without you as coach, even better – if you have your own set of earphones turned on low – extra points)

    3)Start-a-story game. One kid talks for a minute or two, starting out a story, when time is up, the kid sitting clockwise continues…repeat until the car ride is over.

    4) Visual Scavenger Hunt: Find… two rectangles together….a wild animal (picture or real)…etc.

    …just a few ideas to get the wheels turning…

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