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How do you show your kids you love them?


When I was growing up my mom showed me how much she loved me by always
being there. She knew all my friends, she was never preoccupied and
she was at everything that I did. Whether it was cheerleading, tap
recitals, or volleyball. My house was the fun house where all the kids
would gather and my mom was the “cool’ mom. That said she was strict
and expecting a lot of me, which I think is a very important way you
show your kids love you them. You care enough to take the time no
matter how frustrating it can be! She also praised me when deserved
and gave me the gift of confidence. She always believed in me, which
I think is the highest form of love you can give to your child. I show
my girls love the same way. Although if you ask them they will say, ”
my mom takes me to sushi.”


One Response to “How do you show your kids you love them?”

  1. Mrs J Titus says:

    I have 3 kids, aged 10,6 & 2. I am scared that my 6yr old with suffer from the “middle child syndrome”. We try had to avoid it but sometimes it difficult. Especially, where his school work is concerned. I find it difficult as he now is in Grade 1 & his brother Grade 5 (which also needs alot of my attention & so does their 2yr old sister. There is really not enough hours in the day.
    Kind Regards

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