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How Healthy Are You?

Jen and Barb talk to well known Internist, Dr. Robert Huizenga, about the things we should be doing to keep our body in top condition for years to come.

5 Responses to “How Healthy Are You?”

  1. Tanya Keefe says:

    I’m trying to force myself to work out more. I often feel so stressed during the day that the thought of doing anything close to a workout seems near impossible (as does the idea of an *un-interrupted* workout) The kids, cats and dog seem to have an uncontrollable urge to walk over around and under me…which doesn’t help me feel more optimistic about working out – especially since I don’t really *want* to workout anyway! (Can’t I just magically wake up skinny and toned again?? Please?)
    I find exercising by myself works out best – but lets be honest – my alone time is pretty sporadic and short-lived. I’m still trying to preservere though – I’ve been slender all my life, but after 6 kids my tummy is definitely NOT what it used to be…

  2. alex markle says:

    thank you barb!!

  3. barb says:

    Ok ladies since my doctor visit I have been really trying to go to pilates 4 times a week to get my 4 hours of “pushing the envelope.” But I have to tell you, I hate working out!!!! I don’t get that “feel better, more energy” that other women talk about. As i matter of fact I am more tired since I have to get up at 7am to go before my husband goes to work or who will watch the kids. I want to be in good shape for my kids so I am trying, I will keep you guys posted as a suffer through. To answer your question Alex I had to pay cash for the visit and submit to my insurance I will let you know what they cover. Barb

  4. Tanya Keefe says:

    Great episode! I hate going to the doctor because I feel like a whiner when the doctor asks “what’s going on with you?” All these little aches and pains begin to crop up, and how many of them are an actual “something” and how many are “nothing”? I almost never have time to go to the doctor (and if I do I’ve probably rescheduled at least 3 times!) so when things add up, I feel like my dr. is going to think I’m a hypochondriac or something.

    Despite my activity (and stress) level being high, I know I need to exercise more to be the healthiest me I can be – so, thanks girls – I’ll be taking a walk tonight :)

  5. alex markle says:

    so weird…just went to the doctor for the first time in forever this past tuesday!…more than anything i want to be healthy so i can ensure i am around for my kids…have lots of work to do…great episode…is it more expensive to see someone like him since he seems to have the most state of tha art equipment i have ever seen…or will most insurance cover?…just curious..thanks guys! love the show!!!

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