Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : How Much Did Those Shoes Really Cost?

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How Much Did Those Shoes Really Cost?

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, author of “Financial Infidelity” talks to us about the reasons we should tell our partner “how much those shoes really cost” and the effects it has on our marriage when we don’t.

One Response to “How Much Did Those Shoes Really Cost?”

  1. alex byrne markle says:

    yep – me – this is one of the best episodes ever! they are all great and say so much to me personally – but this was so honest and hit home all over – so many uncomfortable buttons for all married couples i think – money can be such an anxiety issue in a marriage and one that needs to – i think – be worked on a continuing basis or you can be always fighting or feeling belittled – especially now when things are sooo bad financially all over – in little and bid ways! ! i have always paid for my own “stuff”(extra usually little stuff when i had it – when i was working!) because we just didn’t have the extra finances or any credit cards! – but i felt guilty for spending any of my own money when i did work because i felt my husband would just disapprove which has been a deeper issue with me as a person for as long as i can remember! (daddy issues perhaps??) anyway – other story other episode – but my point is that i think hiding spending – or doing and spending for yourself lets say i think and the feelings attached to it for me or other women – may say so much more about us and how we feel about ourselves as women -???? now that we have kids it has changed everything in terms of our money issues/arguments – he understands spending “our” money – now that he calls it as i am not working – and home with my 2 toddlers – and i am very reluctant to buy anything extra for me – because it’s just not the time – but talking about it all has been so helpful in our marriage – he gets it more – slowly but surely! and it’s so true about men and the big ticket items – the TV (the kids will love it!) and the golf clubs!? that’s his “spa day! that comes every now and then these days! so i acquiesce a little – it’s a give an take, right?????

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