Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : How much “privacy” do you think should be in a marriage?

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How much “privacy” do you think should be in a marriage?


I am wondering how much “privacy{ is allowed in a marriage (if any)? Is it ok to look through your husbands wallet, drawers, mail, cell phone, computer emails and for him to look through yours? I am not talking about “hunting” through someones stuff more like his cell phone rings while he is in the shower and you pick it up to see who is calling and then other calls show up. Do you look? You goto get money out of his wallet and find various receipts, again do you check them out? After all if you have nothing to hide what’s the problem, right? My husband and I have no privacy between us, for us it works. I know many couples who get offended by such actions and think that shows no trust. What do you think, are you ok with your husband going through your stuff or checking out your cell phone or emails? barb

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