Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : How often do you have a “date” with your husband?

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How often do you have a “date” with your husband?


We are so busy with life, kids, work, etc.  It is so hard to carve out time to be alone with your spouse. Often we end up fighting more than we should.  It is so important to have time together to remember how much we not only love our spouse, but how much we like them.  Recently, my husband I had an entire day to ourselves.  We went on an adventure to a little town nearby where we have never spent time.  We ended up having the best day.  We went to lunch, went to a cool gallery and found a beautiful nursery where we bought some plants and sculptures for our garden.  We laughed and so truly enjoyed each other.  We all have to make this time. It is so important!!!!

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