Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Is all this technology good for our kids?

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Is all this technology good for our kids?

Jen and Barb speak with Anastasia Goodstein, author of “Totally Wired,” about all the technology in our kid’s lives. Is it good? Bad? Scary? How much is too much?

2 Responses to “Is all this technology good for our kids?”

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  2. Pamela Seri says:

    I’m definitely with Barb on this one. I do place limits on the use of the tech things in our home but I’ve found that they can be a great motivator and learning tool. For example, when my youngest was six she really wanted a Nintendo DS but her reading skills weren’t very strong. I promised that if she read every night with me and worked hard I would ask Santa to bring one for Christmas. She not only earned her prize but is now a great reader and typically reads 200-300+ page books in her spare time, she just turned 8. So, yes, I bribed her and it all turned out great.

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