Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Is Back To School Time Hectic For You?

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Is Back To School Time Hectic For You?

That time again? Yes, you’re excited to get the kids back to school, but there is a lot to do and it seems to come upon us faster and faster each year. Join Jen and Barb as they talk to Gaye Pettibone, Director of Studies at Oakwood Private School in Los Angeles, about ways to set up the expectations for the upcoming school year. The more YOU are prepared and your child knows what to expect, the smoother the year will run. Getting your family back into routine is sure to make your year a lot more pleasurable.

2 Responses to “Is Back To School Time Hectic For You?”

  1. Irena says:

    Jen and Barb I love that you are raising your kids to be self starters. Your webisode sends such a great message.

  2. Joan says:

    Jen, I loved that scene with you and kids at staples! We are done here! Cute son! Way to take charge like a good momma.

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