Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Is Your Family Green Enough?

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Is Your Family Green Enough?

Jen and Barb are looking for ways to green over their lives. Terracycle is one solution that allows families to not only support a green initiative, but also includes the entire community through school participation.

One Response to “Is Your Family Green Enough?”

  1. Tanya Keefe says:

    I love to see programs that talk about ways we can “green” up the way we live, and be more responsible stewards of our planet! Thanks for drawing attention to this great topic.

    There’s so much information out there, I think sometimes even our kids get lost in it… for example one of my sons asked me the other day “is that the recycle bin?” I was shocked! We have a recycling container in the house that gets emptied into the bins outside so I guess he’d never really put it together since he’s usually at school, but I garden organically, buy earth friendly products compost inside (vermicomposting) and outside, and organize an “earth friendly” festival in my home town every year – you’d think he would know! Lol

    I think there are always ways we could be doing a little more. Hubby and I are looking at buying a car run on air as soon as the bus size goes into production (their biggest car so far seats 6 – and we have that many children!) as well as building solar panels for the roof…we just do a little bit at a time as we can…

    Thanks girls! Great work again!

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