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Max Diaries: Advanced Maternal Age

Christina Cox

by Christina Cox, new mom blogger
Last week, I got the ok from my doctor to gently ease off bed rest after more than three months staying off my feet. I am nearly 32 weeks pregnant, which means the baby would be viable and most likely survive if he came now. This is such a relief to me. But, my doctor cautioned me to err on the side of caution as I start to become a normal person again.

I have slowly started getting back into my life with my two-year old Max, taking him to his school, his little Spanish class and to gymnastics. Each time, I‚ve had help with me. And, even after one hour of playtime with help, I have felt so tired. On Saturday, I actually had Max a half a day by myself and we went to the park. When I got home, I thought I was going to die of exhaustion and body aches. At the end of the night, I was actually walking with a leg limp and a sore back. What? How could this be happening to me? I was an athlete growing up and my body is strong!
In the three months on bed rest, my belly has grown quite a bit, so I‚ve had to navigate a bigger midsection now that I‚m up and around. And, I feel I‚m getting winded way faster than I than when I was pregnant with Max. The big belly as well as the bed rest, I fear, has done its damage. But, I guess I should also point out that I am older and age might be taking its toll as well. Certainly I get that reminder at all the doctor visits and ultrasounds I have had. The ultrasound results and my charts are filled with bold reminders: PATIENT IS ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE. Really? And, that‚s when it hit me. I‚m 42 years old and having another baby.
Women have done it, at my age and older, and I‚d like to take this opportunity to pay homage to them. How have you all had more than one child, been pregnant multiple times and kept your sanity and your breath? And, lately, even younger mothers have casually mentioned that I‚m in for a nice surprise ˆ a year of crazy hard work ˆ once I have the second baby. How will my older age factor in this next year? Aside from the work of a new baby, are more body aches, gray hairs, and unresolved post partum issues also in store for me?

One great thing is that is that the mind is the last to go. It feels like college was only yesterday and that I could actually play softball the way I did 20 years ago. My body may be craving to settle into its appropriate age, but my mind isn‚t following. I realize now how much I‚ve taken my youth for granted over the years, but even so I refuse to believe that age is taking its toll and I haven‚t still got it. I‚m going to do what it takes to get through these next challenging months of sleep deprivation and caring for a new baby while entertaining a high-energy two year old. And, then, I‚m going to pull it together.
And, when I do, I am going chase my little boys all over the park, cha cha with them before bedtime and give them a good game of kiddo soccer until I literally can‚t walk. Then I‚m going to drag my advanced maternal age bum to my big comfortable bed, sink into a deep sleep and do it all over again the next day with as much energy as my mind can muster and rally up.

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