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Max Diaries: Bed Rest Blues

Christina Cox

by Christina Cox, new mom blogger

I have been on complete bed rest for the last three months due to complications in my second pregnancy. Though many better women than me have done it, I bet they would all agree that bed rest can give you the blues. Complete bed rest means that you can get up for one shower a day, to go to the bathroom and make yourself a sandwich if you are hungry.
When I was told that I had to be confined to my bed, the first thing I did was panic, but I did what I was told. Then I went through a whirl of emotions: depression, boredom, anger and sadness, all of which for a while catapulted me into a world of even more inaction. I could not motivate to do a darn thing except sit there paralyzed by fear. I wondered when I’d pull out of it.
I had several pity parties for myself. One came after my near two year-old, Max was playing hide and seek in my closet. He would hide and then run out really fast and then shout loudly “You found me!” But each time he ran out, I swear he was looking at the nanny instead of me, even though I had the best look of surprise on my face. I miss running around with my little guy so much.
Some good things have come out of the last three months of bed rest. For one, I’ve streamlined all my domestic duties. The house is cleaned twice a week and nearly all groceries are delivered once a week through a service. As things started to get more under control, I realized it was time to try to turn this bed rest thing around and be productive. So, I made lists of things I’d like to try to do while I’m stuck in bed such as organizing photo albums, learning French and reading the classics.
When I did that I also started to look forward to other little things that are just part of my ordinary day, like a shower or flossing my teeth and even making my bed. These are little accomplishments, but I actually started enjoying these little tasks. And doing even the most mundane actions helped to prevent me from looking out the window all day and drooling in depression. Things were looking up.
I started listening to music again. At night, my husband likes to watch TV before he falls asleep, which I don’t like to do. So, I have been listening to my jimmy-jammin’ 80s playlist on my Ipod (can you say Miss Jackson, if your nasty) and have found myself getting so into it that once I caught myself lip syncing, doing silent snaps and the “snake” with my head in bed. (Ok, I have since added “update Ipod” to my productive to do list). But I had a blast in bed that night.
The point is I’ve had to slow down and remember some of the things I really love, like music. Slowing down is hard when you are a mom, unless you are forced to. So, you can imagine, the days have been long, but the months have actually flown by. It’s funny, time flies by whether you enjoy every moment of the life you’re living or you go mock 90 and scramble to the point of exhaustion to get every little thing on your list done each day. I think that I’d have more fun in life when this is all over, if I could slow down and do some silent snaps and the snake a little bit more each day.

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