Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Do we need to take time for ourselves?

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Do we need to take time for ourselves?

Do we need to take time for ourselves? Jen says yes and Barb says no. Who do you agree with?

2 Responses to “Do we need to take time for ourselves?”

  1. Andi Barness says:

    What an awesome “real” segment. Sometimes my only down time is when I am driving to and from places. Today I actually had 1 hour alone in my home being that the kids, babysitter and husband were all away. Wow! That was an experience. Great advice Dr. Golland, and keep up the great work Barb and Jen. I love the site.


  2. Hello Ladies! Barb, I am so happy you took some time for yourself. As I said, we need to tend to ourselves if we want to be the best mother, wife, daughter and sister we can be!

    Love and Light,
    Dr. Michelle

    PS check out my website for other great tips about being a mom.

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