Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Can’t seem to get your act together?

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Can’t seem to get your act together?

Can’t seem to get your act together? Haven’t showered in a few days? Desk piling up? You may be in a Mommy Rut. Life Coach Erika Feresten talks to us about how to get it together!

7 Responses to “Can’t seem to get your act together?”

  1. alex byrne markle says:

    thank you barb! it’s so funny! she Just does! she likes putting things away! at our toddler class the kids put the toys away after each activity and we all sing “clean up, clean up – everybody clean up…” and it has really caught on…sammy took the same toddler class before hannah and also liked the clean up thing…but now i think she digs that hannah does it for her…uuughh..oh well…and ladies – i love all this interaction between mom’s …it is so comforting and reassuring!…especially at this often stressful holiday time when there is just so much extra to get done and cope with! thank you!!!!!!

  2. Barb says:


    My daughters wore costumes daily until their 6th birthday. They just recently gave all their costumes to Jen’s daughter Lilah who is carrying on the tradition of imagination. What I want to know is how do you get your 2 1/2 year old to clean up?? I am still working on that one and it’s not looking hopeful….

  3. Barb says:


    I grew up with a single mom and I know for sure your daughter is not going to remember whether the house is a wreck or the dishes haven’t been done. She will get the privilege of having a strong, inspiring woman as her role model. So you keep doing your thing even when you think you can’t cope and it will all turn out perfect!!

  4. Erica Black says:

    Thank you so much for this! As a single mom to a beautiful 4 year old girl, full time student, and part time employee, I often get into a “fog”. The house is a wreck, the dishes haven’t been done, and my daughter is obviously seeking my attention… and I just don’t know how to cope some days. The word “temporary” will now be a large part of my thinking process when I feel like I have no control of anything around me. Knowing that I will be in school for only 3.5 more years, my daughter will be taken care of and the house will eventually be clean again really helps me to keep things in perspective. Thank you thank you thank you!

  5. alex byrne markle says:

    Thank you, jen…that is comforting…i too wish sam would clean up… the funny thing is that my 2 1/2 year old does clean up after her…..sam may not want to get to used to that…but it’s cute now….!

  6. Jennifer says:

    Lilah is 5 and is always in character. We go through tons of costume changes a day!!! It is crazy. I don’t think of it is an identity crisis. I think of it as wonderful exploration. I just wish she would clean up after herself because there are clothes and costumes all over my house! Thank Alex for taking the time out of your busy day. Jen

  7. alex byrne markle says:

    thank you guys! i could really relate to this episode – i often feel like i fall short on all the areas of mommy, wife-hood there is – sometimes when i feel like i have finally caught up on everything -getting everyone’s (including daddy’s) requests fulfilled including VERY specific meal choices, house cleaning, laundry & getting all my daughter’s costumes cleaned and ready to wear somebody wants somethin’ i don’t have infuriating! albeit in a sorta funny “it’s always something – rosanne rosanadana (sp?) sorta way!!’ which leads me to another topic (sorry!) does anyone have a little girl (i have two – one almost 4 – and 2 yr old) who almost always wants to be in character? i can’t keep up with the costume changes? …it’s like being on tour with “cher” everyday -and there are different categories for certain costumes, like” ariel with legs” or “married cinderella” (i know – the fantasy starts so early!), or “baby” tinker bell – very complicated and it’s hard to keep them all wearable at any given moment – i wish my sammy could sometimes just be sammy!!! is she having a toddler identity crisis? …i am half joking. but..i am a little worried about it!!!! loving your show – jen and barb!,

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