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My son only eats a few things


Name: Ashleigh Bowen
Question: Hi Jen, Hi Barb.. Well to start off I like your website. I just looked at for the first time and I feel I’ll be look at it every time I get a chance. I’m a young mother of a 4 year old son and his name is Adam. The hardest part of the day is when he eats. He only eats about 5 different things, and no hamburgers, no pasta, no fried chicken, no mashed potatoes. None of the good stuff! His variety of food is chicken nuggets, frozen pizza (and he takes almost everything off of it), ramen noodles, pizza bread ( bread sticks) and cheese crisps. Other than that he won’t eat anything else. I can’t get him to try anything new. It’s getting to where he looks unhealthy. He’s getting black circles around his eyes and is very pale. The only thing that kinda helps is vitamins. So my question is what can I do to get him to try other foods or how can I get him to look healthy. It’s starting to scare me for when he gets older.

Thanks so much for watching the show. Did you see our episode called “Is your kid a picky eater?” The expert has great advice that Jen and I actually tried out with great success. First, if he is looking unhealthy you may want to take him to the doctor just to make sure. The expert says that you have to introduce food to kids multiple times before they will try it, so don’t give up. My girls are eight and just started eating tomatoes. If he likes Ramen Noodles, try some Japanese steamed rice
with a little soy sauce. My girls love that. You can also try to put some chicken on a wood skewer and grill it. My kids think the skewers are very fun and so do the other kids who come to our house. You may want to buy a bunch of bottled salad dressing put them in tiny bowls and play a tasting game with him. If he likes them then you can do salad or just lettuce and use it as dips for veggies. The main thing is to make sure that the food taste really good. Let me know how it goes. I have a “last resort” plan if that doesn’t work!

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  1. Lucia Laratelli says:

    Please tell me your last resort plan…. It is the same with my 5 year old, he won’t even try the food. He only eats a few things and only at home. He eats steack, breaded chicken/fish, lettuce, soup, yogurt and some fruits but the thing is that he only eats it if it looks exactly all the time and at home. He NEVER wants to it anythin out of home unless in chicken nuggets and never wants to try something different, even if it is bread or desserts.

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