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Plastic Surgery: Luxury or Necessity?


I was 30 years old when my boyfriend and I broke up. Some women might deal with a breakup by getting a haircut or losing weight; I took a different route. My girlfriends and I were all hanging out around the pool and talking about how we were so flat-chested (I was an AA cup). I thought, “We have been complaining about this since college … I am going to get a boob job!” I had become friends with this plastic surgeon at my gym and I scheduled my surgery. I didn’t get stripper breasts, but great, firm, don’t-have-to-wear-a-bra ones and man, I felt good!

Once I gave birth to my twin daughters they still looked good (not as good as they did before), but compared to my other mommy friends whose breasts were ruined from pregnancy and breastfeeding, they looked great. What I forgot to consider was how I was going to explain them to my children as they stare at my naked body in the bathroom. “Am I going to get those boobies mommy when I grow up?” No reply, crap! I also didn’t consider that you are supposed to have them redone every 10 years and I am now on year 13! Now I’m nervous to go under anesthesia and nervous of seeming like a hypocrite to my children because I tell them they are perfect the way they are. So my “luxury” item has now backfired on me big time and I am not sure what to do. That said, I think moms whose bodies have been altered by pregnancy in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable about their bodies (whether it’s loose skin, stretch marks, droopy boobs or cellulite) should have the “guilt free” option to have “reconstructive surgery.” Just make sure you have your story straight for your kids!


One Response to “Plastic Surgery: Luxury or Necessity?”

  1. Chantal says:

    I wouldn’t worry about telling your kids they’re perfect cause they are…children are perfect. :) It’s adults that need some work.

    Actually, my breasts were too big at age 17, and my mom let me have reconstructive surgery to shrink them. It was awesome and changed my self-esteem.

    If ever my girls ask and want the same, I’ll let them. Sometimes surgery is as vain as exercising and eating well – it’s about doing what you need to do to make yourself feel good and look good.

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