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Plastic Surgery: To Do or Not to Do


I have a constant inner battle with the idea of plastic surgery. I’ve never had any surgery before, (OK, I did have my tonsils out when I was 6!), so the idea of going under the knife just scares me. My boobs and tummy are a wreck since having my kids, but I look good in clothes – thank God for a good bra and Spanx! Even so, I have debated getting both areas fixed from time to time. My friend and business partner, Barb, assures me that if I chose to have plastic surgery, it would just be “reconstructive” so nothing will happen to me, but I still have a few concerns: 1) What if something happened to me while I was under anesthesia? How would my kids feel knowing that I put my life at risk in the name of vanity? 2) What if my boobs end up looking worse than I think they do now? (Some people who have boob jobs really look like they’ve had boob jobs!) 3) How would I explain having plastic surgery to my kids, especially my daughter who is already bombarded with messages about surface beauty? As you can see, I debate it in my mind often. I did, however, see an old friend this week who had her boobs done after having three children … they — oops, I mean “she” — looks so good! I never say never, but not for now.


4 Responses to “Plastic Surgery: To Do or Not to Do”

  1. Jeanette Bess-Wilson says:

    Live life and if you think about it more than do it Just use a good surgeon. If you have a appendix rupture it’s surgery these are trained people you just want the best!

  2. Barbara Machen says:

    I love what you said Linda, really beautiful and a great reminder to all of us!

  3. Angie says:

    I’ve asked myself the same questions!!

  4. linda says:

    from the pictures on this website you look fantastic. You should accept your body and the changes as they are. All the changes should remind you of your beautiful children and all the memories you have from birth, pregnancy, and all the emotions that came with it. I think you should not bow in to the pressures of looking like a movie star. Age gracefully and be proud of the body your children gave you!

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