Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Has having a baby wreaked havoc on your body?

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Has having a baby wreaked havoc on your body?

Has having a baby wreaked havoc on your body? Fitness expert, Karen Schwalbe Jones, helps us with some easy ways to firm it back up!

6 Responses to “Has having a baby wreaked havoc on your body?”

  1. jason kenny says:

    Personally I would put a lovely bench so all the squirrels could use it and maybe add a mini bar and a Jacuzzi at a later date just for the wildlife though!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Although I don’t have kids yet, I hope to someday. My roommates and I love watching shows like “John and Kate +8″ and “Super Nanny.” I think we’ll be adding Mom Life to our list! :)

  3. alan becker says:

    Great Show I wish you both all the best !

  4. Kristy Merrill says:

    Very well done. I LOVED the very last comment by the mom that was saying she never had this body issue or that body issue before, but she also had never had the gift of a baby before. That was beautifully said.

    Keep up the great work ladies! I’m excited to see the next episode.

  5. krista Kitaen says:

    AWESOME!!!! This was fun to watch AND you two are beautiful..

    Great job!

  6. Karen Baxter says:

    BRAVO… presentation, love the look and feel …Jen, you and Barb made sitiing at my computer interesting…and worthwhile.

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