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Potty training help


Full Name: izzie Green

Questions: Hi Jen and Barb, my daughter is 3yrs old, and i have tried to get her potty trained, but she is just not interested, is there anything else i can try to encourage
this process?

Let your child go without a diaper around the house for 2 days. There will
be a few accidents but at the end of the two days you should be good to go!
Let me know how it goes.

Hi Izzie,

You may want to try incentives like a chart with gold stars for every time she uses the potty and once she receives a certain number of stars, she gets something (a toy or stuffed animal she wants). Try and be patient with her too. Not all kids are potty trained by 3, so don’t worry. I know it can be frustrating, but hang in there!

One Response to “Potty training help”

  1. Angie Garcia says:

    i also have the same problem……but at first i got he a potty seat and i put it in the living room and she did go for a couple of times……then i took off the seat and put it on the toilet and she did go for like 3 days then all of a sudden she is now terrified to even sit on the potty seat on the toilet she was doing good but now she is scared what should i do? should i just give it a little more time?

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