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Screaming baby when we go out


Name: heidi Sanghrajka
Question: Hi, I just caught the last minute of you guys on Rachael Ray and was hoping you could help. My awesome baby boy is 16 months and is giving me a hard time when we go out. Specifically he refuses to sit in his stroller and will scream. Whether we are in the mall which would be impossible from the moment we place him in it (we’ve tried giving toys, food only lasts so long and I don’t want to fall into bad habits). Therefore, taking walks, unless he is walking, is out of the addition to shopping. Sitting in shopping carts lasts longer but not much. So now I need to food shop on several goes to shorten the shopping period before he starts wining and screaming. I get anxious taking him out to restaurants because he only lasts so long in a high chair there. We’ve tried books and toys and those get thrown out quickly. Finger foods are the winners but once he is done he wants out which results in my husband and I eating seperately whilst the other one goes for a walk..any advice?

Hi Heidi, I know how frustrating it is to try and do errands with a small child! Remember, that he is only 16 months old! Two thoughts…first, you need to get someone to watch him while you do your errands. You may not have “help”, but you probably have another mom friend who you can swap time with. The other is run him ragged before going on any outings. Take him to a park and let him run and run and run. He may be more inclined to sit still if he is tired. Good luck! Jen

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  1. Barb says:

    I remember before I had kids and I would see a mom with a screaming child I would think “that will never be me.” Flash forward to me with my twin daughters and one of them is on the floor screaming her head off in the mall, while everyone watches. I was horrified! But I sat down patiently with everyone starring at me until she was done. So don’t think that your alone. I do agree with Jen boys need to be worn out, run them like a puppy. I might save yourself the anxiety and money and order in until he is old enough to understand “restaurant manners.”

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