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The search for the last minute Christmas Gift


It’s midnight on Christmas Eve. I just got back from CVS pharmacy. Here’s the story…my husband and I were putting out the gifts from Santa. We had one couch for Cooper, my son’s, things and one for Lilah, my daughter’s things. After putting everything out, I felt as though Lilah’s side wasn’t quite up to snuff. It would be if I could only find the High School Musical dolls that I got her, but they seem to have fallen into the abyss of holiday gifts. Out I went…First stop Rite Aid…closed, second stop Ralphs…closed…I drive down 3rd street looking for any form of life. The only people I see are other driver’s looking for a place to purchase anything and the sad homeless or lost; looking for any sort of comfort. I see it! A parking lot full of cars! Thank God! The place was packed. I noticed most of the people had alcohol in their hands (good to know). I found various art supplies and frilly girl make-up and accessories. Mission complete. Got home. All looks well now. Merry, Merry! All this, by the way, coming from a Jewess who never had Christmas worrying if her one child will feel like Santa had been fair to both kids!

One Response to “The search for the last minute Christmas Gift”

  1. Tiffany T says:

    HAHA – oh man! I have this same problem every year. I have finally reached the point of lining up the toys on my bed a week before Christmas just to make certain the Santa gifts are balanced and equal among my two kids. The funny thing is that my kids are completely oblivious, and they have never compared gifts. They are still young yet (6 & 4), so I’m just heading them off at the pass.

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