Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : Think Your Kids Need More Downtime?

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Think Your Kids Need More Downtime?

Kids are under more pressure than ever before. Hours of homework nightly, extra-curricular activities to bolster their college admissions applications, what happened to being a kid? Jen and Barb talk to Timothy Smith, father, family coach and author, about the need for downtime and play, for kids and the whole family.

One Response to “Think Your Kids Need More Downtime?”

  1. karen bourke says:

    hello jen and barb,how are you both going?good i hope.jen and barb,im hoping you both can help me with some good advice and tips.i live in cairns,australia with my daughter ceanne whos just turned 7 on 31.3.ceanne is suffering from a few disorders and im hoping you both can help us both.she has attatchment,neglect and trauma disorder.she has global delay,she has reactiveattatchment disorder and she has central auditory prcessing disorder.jen and barb,after i had ceanne i suffered from post natal depression but my doctor told me i was only depressed and wasnt diognosed properly.i didnt cope with looking after her when she was a few months old so i fostered her out 2 times then when i got her back the 3rd time i really really didnt cope and threatened to harm her or kill myself so childsafety took her away from me for 2 yrs when she was 11mths old and she came back to me just before she turned 3.i am told the first 2 to 3 yrs are very important for mother and child to bond.ceanne and i dont have a mother-daughter bond.she is always very angry at me and only me.jen and barb,please please please please help us.hope to hear from you soon.kind regards,karen bourke from cairns,australia

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