Jen and Barb, Mom Life: Featured : What Is It Like Being A Working Mom?

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What Is It Like Being A Working Mom?

Jen and Barb explore the balancing act of the modern day working mom with Amy Keroes, founder of

One Response to “What Is It Like Being A Working Mom?”

  1. Emma says:

    So I watched your show titled “play date etiquette” and the first thing I thought to myself was “When in the hell am I going to have play date I’m at work all the time.” I even listened to the day Barb was planning a play date. It was a Thursday and I thought yeah right I never have a week day to myself. Hahaha! Now I watch this show! Man I’m laughing so hard! How do I balance working, love life and raising a baby? Well, I have passed on dinner duty to my husband and I have discovered he’s a much better cook than I am. The only thing I have to do is keep my eyes closed when I go into the kitchen. I don’t understand how oil splatters end up on the floor and the cabinets. I’ve also learned to leave the dishes in the sink until the end of the week! hahahaha!

    I’m also learning how to slowly let go of the guilt of leaving our little bundle of joy with my mom during the week. It’s so hard, but I’m hoping that day will come. Also, the perfectionist is me has vanished. Before the baby our living had to be vacuumed with straight lines in the carpet and every shining. But now, there are poop stains on the carpet and we have new pets called “dust bunnies”.

    Keep up the great work ladies!

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