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What Kind Of Eater Are You?


I have so many mom friends complain about their children being picky eaters. The other day we were at the beach with another family eating lunch and the mother literally had special turkey in her bag that she pulled out while we were sitting at the restaurant table. She explained that her daughter doesn’t like to eat (who wants to eat plain turkey?) then she proceeded to rip it into such small pieces that her daughter would not be able to even taste it and then fed it to her (the
girl is 4 years old!) Then the mom began to order for herself, which included a salad with no bacon and could she substitute the cheese and get the dressing on the side with extra lemons. I starting laughing because the mother unknowingly had created a picky eater just like the nutritionist told Jen and I on our show (see Is your child a Picky Eater?) She also gave us some great guidelines to make kids great eaters. The number one thing, whatever you eat your kids should eat.
No kiddie menus or separate food for the kids.


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