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What Mother’s Day Is Really All About


For all the moaning and complaining I can do sometimes (I am pretty good at that!), the joy that being a mom brings me is more amazing than anything I have ever experienced. So this Mother’s Day is all about how grateful I am to be a mom. I told my family I wanted to stay home and do nothing except enjoy the freedom of being in my PJ’s all day long, not worry about the house being clean, and not have to get dolled up for brunch. Just a low key day hanging out with my little family and really enjoying them. I’ve also requested as a present no fighting between my daughters, but we’ll see how that goes. This job is so darn hard that we get a day singled out for moms to be appreciated! But don’t think about that on Mother’s Day. Instead, I encourage all you moms to take a moment to look at the amazing family YOU have created and recognize that you have the most important job in the world!

One Response to “What Mother’s Day Is Really All About”

  1. Great advice. Very few of us are mind readers. I always ask my mom what she’d like to do for Mother’s day and she never seems disapointed.

    Have a good mother’s day :-)

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