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Classes with Your Kids


Full Name: Gwen Schaumloffel
Hey Jen and Barb,
When did you start classes with your kids? Is 6 months too early?

6 months is kind of early for kids, but not too early for you! Sometimes it is nice to meet other Moms and connect. Plus, the class certainly couldn’t hurt. I found once my kids were crawling that the classes were more beneficial for them, but that is just my experience.


You can never start classes too early. I started my girls at 6 months with a gym class twice a week and a “Music Together” class once a week (you can look up Music Together to see where they teach in your area, it is a theory out of Princeton University). Not only are classes great for your child to be around other kids their age it also lets you know what milestones you child is (or should be) hitting. The best part of classes is it makes you get ready and get out of the house and meet other moms who are going through a similar experience. Jen and I actually met in one of these classes when our kids were around 2 – that friendship and sense of community saved me. Just you and a baby can make for a very long day so get to those classes and watch the day fly by!

You can also check out our episode “How to pick Classes for Your Child.”


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